Home Sercurity Maritime Security Anti Piracy Team(Armed)
Shield Consulting provides Armed Security Teams, and is able to cover the whole of the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. All our teams are qualified and certified for this kind of missions.

There are many reports of pirate attacks in areas such as Gulf of Aden bay and Idian ocean . In these areas it is common practice for ships security teams to be armed against piracy attacks.

Shield Consulting APT (Anti Piracy Teams) is a very dynamic solution for any clients who are considering or doing maritime trade through these high risk areas.

Shield Consulting 's APT members are all highly qualified and well trained professionals, teams are armed only for safety and security of the Duration of the transit, our team members are all highly trained and will also carry out watch duties for 24hrs again for the entire transit.

*All countries regulations pertaining to the use of firearms whilst carrying out anti-piracy protection are strictly adhered to.

Identities are hidden for security reasons